Security System

We deal in the supply, installation, and maintenance of all kind of Security Surveillance Systems. We have a staff of qualified employees, all of whom are fully equipped to provide you with the best service and expertise, committed and highly experienced team. We pride ourselves on delivering a truly professional and personalized service.


Smart Lightnings

Illuminate your space with intelligence and style through our smart lighting solutions. At Elaf Innovations, we redefine the way you experience light, offering cutting-edge technology for modern living.

✓ Smart Lighting Installation
✓ Personalized Ambiance
✓ Effortless Maintenance

Solar System

Discover the power of sustainable energy with our premier solar panel services. At Elaf Innovations, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solar solutions that not only reduce your carbon footprint but also empower you with clean and renewable energy. Join the solar revolution! Elaf Innovations Powering Tomorrow, Today.Contact us for a brighter, cleaner future.


Gate Automation

Experience convenience and security with our gate automation services. At Elaf Innovations, we bring innovation to your entrance, ensuring seamless access and peace of mind. Services we offer in Gate Automation are:

✓ Automated Gate Installation
✓ Custom Solutions
✓ Reliable Maintenance

Smart Electrical Panels

Empower your space with intelligence and control using our smart electrical panels. At Elaf Inovations, we redefine electrical management, offering advanced solutions for efficiency and safety.

✓ Smart Panel Installation
✓ Customized Control
✓ Proactive Monitoring


Pump Automation

Upgrade your pumping system with our advanced automation services. At Elaf Innovations, we streamline efficiency and control for a seamless pumping experience.

✓ Automated Pump Installation
✓ Tailored Solutions
✓ Proactive Maintenance